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Natural Cure For Dog Uti

Cantharsis is a very common home remedy for dog UTI. You can find it in pellet or tablet from in homoeopath shops or natural food shops. The great thing about Cantharsis is how strong it is and how quickly it can assist your dog with her UTI. Required Ingredients: Syringe. Pestle and mortar.

Three tablets or pellets of Cantharsis; ½ cup of Warm Water This makes it a great home remedy for dog UTIs. You can get marshmallow root in powder form and sprinkle half a teaspoon for each pound of food you give your dog. 3. This is a common weed that is a diuretic with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Diuretics prompt the kidneys to make more urine to help flush out the system (5) Urinary tract infection

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